Smart Linbin Storage Rack

Advanced Technical Concepts (ATC) Ireland have developed a smart Vertical Storage Rack that can be used for lean manufacturing; for process improvement or for shopfloor efficiency. This can be used alongside our vertical tool storage rack.

Vertical Storage Rack for Tools

This video shows a recent lean manufacturing solution that ATC designed and delivered for a customer that was looking to optimise space. The vertical tool storage rack included shadow boards for tools and allows better space utilisation; fitting a greater amount of tools in a smaller area. The design brief looked for the storage unit to be able to hang tools from light to heavyweight. One challenge was to come up with a mechanical mechanism that would allow smooth movement of the pullout units frequently. We used standard slat board for the tool storage mechanism as it was an off the shelf solution that helped keep the cost down. We then developed a bespoke hook system that could be adapted to accommodate any item.

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