Medical Devices

Advanced Technical Concepts is well equipped to provide medical device manufacturers with a range of products and services.

Some of these products and services include:

  • Industrial Components:
    High quality customized silicon parts to meet your specifications. Whatever the component is and whatever the process we can make it to exacting standards.
    Sealing solutions such as seals, sanitary seals, clamps, O-rings, and gaskets. For details click here
    We can also provide a “manufacture to order“ service through Kanban or consignment stock management processes.
  • From our fabrication facility, our experience with welding and fabrication allows us to to support you with the design, manufacture and assembly of bespoke fabricated manufacturing solutions for your manufacturing process. From concept design right through to installation we provide a value-add solution. 
  • We offer bespoke lean manufacturing solutions to suit your process. Our innovative and bespoke LEAN engineered solutions are designed with the operator at core. From concept design right through to installation, our flexible solutions will grow with your production line, maximising efficiencies every step of the way

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Customer Stories


See how the use of a bespoke solution for issues with material transportation in the life sciences sector allowed for:

  • Improved ergonomics and safety with solution designed around the specific process.
  • Space optimised by 75%.
  • Reduced time searching for parts.
  • Increased visibility allowing for better inventory control.

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See how the use of workstations allowed for:

  • Improved ergonomics with height adjustable work station leading
    to improved wellbeing and productivity
  • Defined locations resulting in reduced motion
  • Reduced time spent waiting and searching for parts
  • Increased visibility allowing for better inventory control

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See how the use of our bespoke fabricated solution to resolve quality issues issues resulted in :

  • The pass or rejection of product was made in real time.
  • Removed rework of product.
  • Improved ergonomics built into the fabricated unit for the operator.
  • Improved effciency and throughput.
  • A unit designed to suit manufacturing cleanroom environmental parameters.

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