Advanced Technical Concepts (#TeamATC) together with Molex won the A3 Project Storyboard at the Annual Mid-West Lean Network Conference held at UL last week.

This was the first year that A3 project storyboards featured as part of the conference. It was an excellent opportunity for companies to present an A3 project completed in 2019.A total of nine projects were entered for the award by Essilor, Zimmer Biomet, Cook Medical, Analog Devices, Atlantic Aviation Group, Reagecon in addition to the winning companies: Molex and Advanced Technical Concepts.  Conference attendees selected the winner via an online voting system in the auditorium; this resulted in a tied vote with award sponsors LBS Partners making a joint presentation to both companies. #TeamATC were thrilled to receive the award and kudos from all the team to all involved. ATC has been on its own lean journey since late 2017. Our approach has revolved around building our lean culture, so that every team member is aware of what lean is, what we are trying to achieve, and why we are trying to achieve it.

The 2019 annual conference also featured a keynote presentation by Gary Keegan, former performance director with the Irish Athletic Boxing Association’s high-performance boxing programme.

Shannon Chamber’s full press release can be read here.



It’s a Draw! Advanced Technical Concepts and Molex emerge as Joint Winners of the A3 Project Storyboard Award at the Annual Mid-West Lean Network Conference in the University of Limerick