9.1.23 - 13.1.23

Week two in Review!

With another week of 2023 down, we’ve have taken another step on our tour ready program. We implemented some improvements on the production floor using 6S principles. The team implemented some great solutions to help improve safety and efficiency.

Great progress has also been made on the implementation phase of our New Webshop which is coming soon….

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Applying 6s princples

As a solution-based company, we are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and apply the 6S principles:

One of our improvements involved a safety barrier behind our 135 ton CNC break press. The team used our FlowTube modular components to complete this action.

Have a look at the before and after behind slides below to see our Hazard Flowtube solution. 

Progress on Webshop

Over the past few months we’ve been working on the launch of a webshop to sell our products. Our products on the site range from greases and lubricants, hydraulics, lean industrial furniture (desks, trolleys etc.), tape markings and much more. This week we got many features added to the site to maximize your user experience when buying a product. See below for an example of product on the site and what its usability features may entail.

Here we have a picking trolley made out of aluminium tubing. With these kinds of products, it can be hard to get a sense of their true size and how they might look in use from just a picture.

Using Fusion 360 software, customers can see their product in 3D, allowing for many different angles as well as getting a detailed look at all the various aspects of the product. Going fullscreen on the popup allows for an even better insight.

Furthermore, to get a true sense of the size of the trolley and how it may look in its intended environment, our webshop allows for AR, or Augmented Reality. When you click the ‘View Product in AR’ button you are prompted to scan a QR code that leads to a site with the AR file. Simply open the file, click the icon and move your phone around to allow the device to measure in a straight line. You are also allowed to take a picture of the product in its environment. 

Two bin Kanban rack

Here we have a Two Bin Kanban Rack made for internal use. We used our aluminium flowtube to build this flowtube rack. We also used our open fronted auer totes for easy access to stored components. The next step in the process is to apply  identification labels with barcodes to picking and stock methods.

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