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We began 2023 on the right foot this week here at Advanced Technical Concepts. From Height adjustable trolleys to load testing of jacks to camera rack units and many more, we’ve definitely had a busy first week of the new year. Have a look at a our Week in Review where we focus on some of our favourite products.

Height Adjustable Basket jig trolley

We recently made an order for a customer in the medical device industry for a height adjustable basket jig trolley.

This was a lean, ergonomically designed product and thus, we wanted to make it so the operator could make the most efficient use of the trolley’s footprint. Fitted with wheels for ease of movement around the factory floor as well as ease of use for the operator, the trolley was fitted with a rechargeable for energy optimisation. The basket on the trolley was designed to protect the items within it and act as a tolerance gauge for the basket fixture.

This was made with a linax height adjustable system complete with actuators and a Poka-yoke system to lock the customers’ basket into position. Made with four way control system (up and down directions for table and basket, this was a one-off, bespoke product.  


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Picking trolley

Another lean, ergonomically designed trolley made with a focus on footprint efficiency, we produced this product for internal use. With just one produced at the moment, we intend by maximising efficiency by having four on the floor so that we can have four jobs in production at all times. The trolley is on trial at the moment to help increase picking efficiency. The trolley is also locationed for picking list so parts can be easily identified. This unit is made from lightweight aluminium.

Load testing of hydraulic jacks

During the week we completed an order from a client in the aviation industry for load testing of pneumatic hydraulic jacks. Load testing is done to ensure that a structure or system is safe and can withstand the loads it is expected to encounter during normal operation. The jacks we receive are load certified using our 100 ton press. It is very important to us that, when testing the jacks, all safety guidelines and procedures are followed. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses, and making sure that the area around the jack is clear of any obstacles or hazards. 



Load testing should be done on a yearly basis and is an integral part of maintaining and ensuring the safety of your jacks as well as mitigating against any risks using jacks may pose. Overtime, jacks can become worn or damaged, which can compromise their ability to lift and support heavy loads. To ensure that your jacks are in good working condition and safe to use, it is important to conduct annual load testing

We tested two different kinds of pneumatic hydraulic jacks for our customer in the aviation industry. The first jack, pictured in blue, is used to lift loads of up to 80 tons. While the second jack, pictured in yellow, is used to lift loads of up to 30 tons. 

Annual load testing is a crucial step in maintaining the safety and reliability of your jacks. By regularly testing your jacks, you can ensure that they are able to support heavy loads safely and effectively.

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Camera Rack unit



This product was made for a client in the automotive industry. It is a standard mobile flowrack made out of stainless flowtube and transparent paneled sides. The product was built for transferring electrical components that were built for electric vision systems.

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