One month already in the daily Irish rain!

Let’s come back on these two last weeks:

Once my work on gaskets was finished, I completed a little manual on diaphragms first, and then, on packings. I am currently working on the o-ring manual… Yes, I am becoming an expert in sealing and jointing! The purpose of these different guides on ATC’s products is to briefly explain their features and their applications and help new employees or interns like me, who have never had any experience in the engineering components field or who just need more information on a particular product.

In addition, Sandra taught me how to set up a purchase order and I practiced with Roisin then on the accounts system used by ATC, I hope I will be able to do it on my own soon.

I also called French bottling companies again to check that they had received my email about JO parts and to offer quotes on the products which were of  interest to them. (create a link to JO parts on our website)

I am in charge of entering, in Docman, the hydraulic equipment for repair/service in the workshop. This step, which consists of allocating a specific code to each new part, enables us and the clients to follow in real time the status of their repair and also gives an audit trail.

Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend an internal meeting about ATC’s Quality Management System. Really interesting, even if I lacked some knowledge on the subject to understand a few issues on which revisions and updates have been suggested.

But my favourite moment of these two weeks has been the meeting with Tim and David in IDF Marketing offices (UL, Limerick). The aim of this meeting? Feedback about ATC’s new website. We made some modifications to it and they gave us some tips to carry on updating the website regularly. I am used to visiting websites frequently in my daily life but I found it very exciting to see one from the backend, and to get tips which have enabled me, for instance, to post these little summaries on my work experience in ATC.

My first month in ATC, my first month in a business too, has been good, full of discoveries and completely different projects to work on. My English skills are improving, I can even understand some of my colleagues jokes now! And more seriously, I look forward to having more and more responsibilities over the weeks ahead so that I  will be able to broaden my knowledge not only in the purchasing field but also in other ATC departments.

See you soon for the next update.