My name is Margaux, I come from France, and I am currently doing a twelve-weeks internship in Advanced Technical Concepts, Shannon, Ireland. I have planned to regularly post some summaries on our website to share my experience with you. During these first two weeks, I have had the opportunity to discover how the company works, what is the role of each employee and how the offices are organized (sales / accounting / purchases / management). I have done some different tasks including the design of a professional layout for a proposal that incorporated ATC’s Docman.

Docman is ATC’s database system that enables its customers to monitor the repair process of their hydraulic equipment. The Docman system stores information on all equipment certified or repaired by ATC in their workshop.  This information can be retrieved in a number of forms by the customer and offers full traceability to our customers.  It can prove particularly useful to our customers for internal audits for example or for Quality Managers to ensure equipment is being certified in line with recognized industry best practice. Customers who have been registered by ATC can click on the link to monitor the repair process of their hydraulic equipment, they can also view and print certification in pdf format.

Also, I have had a project to work on: looking for companies that use gaskets in their production facilities and which could be interested in purchasing gaskets. That is the first step of the entire process of a company, so, in this way that is interesting. What I have found the most difficult in these different tasks is the fact that I did not know the products, their features, their purpose, and there has been an important amount of new vocabulary to learn and to handle. However, when I am stuck and if I have any question, my colleagues are always available to help me.

What I have preferred the most was contacting French bottling companies because I am shy and that is a good exercise to develop my ease on phone call. But, unfortunately, I don’t think I am able to ring Irish companies in English for a while. Indeed, I still have trouble understanding everything. I am very happy that Sandra proposed to show me the entire purchase process, which could be a help for my career ambition, my career plan. So, these two first weeks have been very positive from my point of view. I have already met almost all the company’s employees and they have welcomed me very warmly. I am sure that I won’t see these twelve weeks pass. See you soon for the next update.