Hi-Force, the U.K’s leading manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic tools has recently added to its range of SBT spring assisted return bolt tensioners. Now available with imperial bolt sizes of 1 ¼” to 4” and metric bolt sizes of M30 to M100, the SBT range consists of 22 imperial and 26 metric models, each with a maximum working pressure of 1500 Bar.

Hi-Force’s SBT Range offers all of the features of the standard STS range of bolt tensioners, however with the added feature of spring assisted return hydraulic pistons. Designed primarily for topside operation, the additional feature of spring assisted return reduces bolt tensioning cycle times considerably, as the tensioner piston automatically retracts immediately after the hydraulic pressure is released, thus removing the need to manually wind down the threaded puller.

In addition to spring assisted return feature of the tool, the SBT range is also able to offer the same versatility as the STS range, with a variety of interchangeable threaded pullers and nut rotating sockets available, either as bolt size conversion kits or individual parts. All SBT bolt tensioners are designed and manufactured with a wear coated piston, maximum stroke indicator, self-energising high pressure seals and dual quick connect couplers, for easy multiple tensioner hook up.

Suitable hydraulic pumps for the SBT range include the Hi-Force AHP275BTU and AHP2-237BTU air driven pump as well as the Hi-Force HPX1500BTU manually operated pump. Each pump operates at a maximum working pressure of 1500 Bar and is supplied complete with a pressure gauge and quick connect release outlet couplings for ease of use. The complete system, including an air inlet filter, regulator and lubricator unit is fitted with a robust steel frame. The HPX1500BTU manually operated pump however is lightweight, compact and is independent from any required power source, making it the ideal choice for onsite tensioning applications, particularly with Hi-Force’s small SBT tensioners.

For further information please visit the Hi-Force website, www.hi-force.com, or contact us at info@atcindustrysolutions.com or on +353 (0)61 708140