Hi-Force’s innovative 3 speed hydraulic torque wrench pump

The UK’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools recently launched a new range of hydraulic torque wrench pumps to the World market. The TPA and TPE range of air and electric driven pumps compliment Hi-Force’s existing range of bolting products which provide effective and safe bolting solutions to a wide variety of industries including power generation, mining, ship building, construction and oil and gas.

Hi-Force’s research, development and design team, based at the manufacturing facility in Daventry, UK have created this World class range of pumps with speed, reliability and versatility in mind. Its high speed 3-stage design  provides a faster flow at mid-range pressure, enabling projects with demanding time constraints to be completed as safely and efficiently as possible. The pumps multi outlet 4-way design allows for up to four hydraulic torque wrenches to be used simultaneously providing an even compression of the critical leak sealing gasket on flange joint connections.

An automatically activated oil cooling heat exchanger, which is fitted on all electric models as standard, cools the pump and the hydraulic fluid, extending the service life of this reliable range of pumps. The TPA air operated models incorporate an exhaust radiator located inside the oil reservoir which also helps keep oil temperature under control, during high usage operations.

This leading-edge range of torque wrench pumps provide consistent and reliable hydraulic power and have been designed to with stand the demands of operation in harsh environments and demanding high usage applications. The compact and rigid roll frame provides protection for the pump as well as providing a convenient method of maneuvering the pump on site. The lightweight aluminium reservoir, with a capacity of 7 litres, makes the TPA and TPE range one of the lightest hydraulic torque wrench pumps available in the market.

Hi-Force have considered ease of use and safety throughout the entire design and manufacturing process, incorporating features such as a 5 meter pendant cable which allows for a considerable and safe distance between the pump and the bolting application. The single button operation of the pendant, allied to an emergency stop button, provide enhanced safety for operators when immediate release of pressure to the torque wrench is essential. The adjustable pressure relief valve with locking nut, for setting the maximum system pressure, acts as a further safety feature of the pump. Further user friendly features of the TPA and TPE range include a glycerine filled gauge as standard which is conveniently located for ease of viewing. A digital gauge is also available as an optional extra, providing readings in Nm and Lbf.ft as well as Bar and PSI.

The TPE range of electric torque wrench pumps is available in a choice of 12 models, all with a maximum working pressure of 700 Bar / 10,000 PSI. Power supply options of 50Hz and 60Hz are available for both the 110 volt and 240 volt models. The TPA air driven version of the pump requires a 7.0 Bar air supply and all models are available with either an analogue or digital pressure gauge.

Both the TPA and TPE range of hydraulic torque wrench pumps are compatible for use with both the TWS-N square drive and TWH-N low profile female hexagon design Hi-Force hydraulic torque wrenches.

Sufficient power, greater speed, a user friendly design and 4-way split block for simultaneous operation are the key features of this innovative range of pumps which meet and exceed the demands of the industry.

For further information please visit www.hi-force.com.