Are you looking for a lean manufacturing solution?

ATC works with FlowStore, the UK distributors for FlowTube, to deliver you custom-made solutions, using local Irish knowledge and UK based distribution and assembly resources.

FlowTube consists of a range of reusable steel tubes and rapid assembly connecting joints, brackets, roller tracks, parts and accessories. This not only enables you to design and build a wide range of applications and solutions, but can also be integrated into a Lean Manufacturing or Kaizen environment. FlowTube can be used to create bespoke storage and workspace solutions that improve efficiency, reduce waste and save you time and money. Solutions can be designed to cater for any weight requirement!

FlowTube solutions are simple to design, quick to assemble and completely reusable. It is an extremely versatile solution that lets you customise any application for storage, assembly, manufacturing, distribution and material handling. It is a fully flexible modular system – structures are assembled rather than welded. The applications and solutions are compatible with requirements in industry, office, retail, education and other institutions. There are a number of finishes available for both tubes and joints – stainless steel or colour coded plastic coating. FlowTube fully supports the principles of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen Techniques) and Lean Manufacturing. This simple-to-use solution will simplify your processes, increase your productivity and decrease your costs. We will help you every step of the way. We can draw your diagrams and build your applications for you, or show you how easy it is to assemble and create your own cost-effective solutions.