Hi-Force has recently launched the TPA and TPE range of air and electric driven hydraulic torque wrench pumps. The TPA and TPE range offers a 3-stage design, providing a faster flow at mid-range pressure thus enabling projects with demanding time constraints to be completed as safely and efficiently as possible.

Sufficient power, greater speed, a user friendly design and 4-way split block for simultaneous operation are the key features of this innovative range of pumps which meet and exceed the demands of the industry.

Key features of the TPA and TPE range:

  • High speed 3-stage design
  • Multi outlet 4-way design allowing four hydraulic torque wrenches to be used simultaneously providing an even compression of the critical leak sealing gasket on flange joint connections
  • An automatically activated oil cooling heat exchanger, which is fitted on all electric models as standard, cools the pump and the hydraulic fluid. The TPA air operated models incorporate an exhaust radiator located inside the oil reservoir which also helps keep oil temperature under control, during high usage operations.
  • A compact and rigid roll frame providing protection for the pump as well as a convenient method of maneuvering the pump on site.

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