ATC will be running a Mechanical Joint Integrity training course in September / October 2016 through its partner Hi-Force.
If you are interested in participating please submit your details on our training request form.

ECTIB Approved Mechanical Joint Integrity Courses

Hi-Force is approved by the ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) for the provision of Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) training courses in line with industry standards and practices. Given the paramount importance of safety in the workplace, combined with the demand to adhere to industry guidelines, this course is designed to improve the competency levels of operators of torquing and tensioning equipment.

Hi-Force’s ECITB approved Trainers have many years of “hands on” experience in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries (onshore & offshore), as well as Power Generation and a wide variety of construction industry applications, requiring bolted joint technology. They are also fully trained and competent in the use of the various mechanical and high pressure, hydraulic tools used to deliver the training courses, in terms of theoretical, practical and the required Technical Testing (TMJI) as specified and required by the ECITB, prior to the issue of a certificate of successful completion to the delegate.

Technical Content

The technical content of the MJI training modules includes:

  • Mechanical joint integrity (Flange and bolt materials, components, lubricants, dis-assembly, inspection and assembly)
  • Safe use of high pressure hydraulic equipment
  • General tooling maintenance
  • Correct tool selection

Hi-Force, as an approved ECITB Training Provider, will competently train all delegates that attend the training courses. These courses are most suited for delegates employed to carry out Mechanical Joint Integrity and Flange Management activities, that are, or could be, associated with potential work scopes to industry standards or client specific requirements that follow industry guidelines.

Training Courses

Part 1 – Training – “Theoretical and Practical”

  • MJI10 Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques
  • MJI18 Hydraulically Tensioned Bolted Connection Techniques
  • MJI19 Hydraulically Torqued Bolted Connection Techniques

Part 2 – Technical Tests – “Theoretical and Practical”

  • TMJI10 Dismantle, Assemble and Hand Torque Flanged Joints
  • TMJI11 Dismantle, Assemble and Hand Torque Clamp Connectors
  • TMJI18 Dismantle, Assemble and Tension Bolted Connections (Hydraulic Tensioning)
  • TMJI19 Dismantle, Assemble and Hydraulically Torque Flanged Joints
  • TMJI20 Dismantle, Assemble and Hydraulically Torque Clamp Connector Joints

The Training and Technical Tests are provided as two separate elements of the overall course. The Technical Tests can be taken by the delegate, usually within 3 to 12 months, only after completion of workplace specific practical applications related to the new skills and knowledge obtained from the Training Course.

Mechanical Joint Integrity